Life Coaching 


A Life Coach can assume many roles.  She/He can help a client address a wide range of areas, including career, health, goals, family and lifestyle issues and any other area that needs to be addressed.  My style of coaching is to facilitate the connection between body and mind.  Once the channels are opened, we can get into what is cluttering or disrupting your thoughts, which ultimately disrupt one’s life, and this make way for real healing.  I take a holistic approach towards discovering the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your  wellbeing by combining body work, visualization and coaching.  This is called Somatic Awareness. 

This practice is an offshoot of my life’s work as a Licensed Massage Therapist and my more recent work as a Certified Life Coach.   I created a combination of the two as an alternative to traditional massage therapy in response to the lack of physical touch and human connection during Covid-19.

There is no better time than now to learn to truly care and heal ourselves.  Each session is tailored to an individual’s specific needs.  It can include effective self-massage techniques, or the client may prefer an extremely relaxing somatic visualization, in addition, we can dig deep into whatever surfaces in the mind during the session via Coaching.

In a virtual private session we can work on relaxing and releasing the mind and  body.  Join me in leaning how to  soften your own muscles; slow, clear and organize  your mind; set goals; solve issues.

Since we have the opportunity to work virtually, the client can be anywhere to utilize this resource/support. Please message me if you are interested.  

2021 Special Covid Prices

First introductory Session: No Charge

Single Life Coach Session:  $75.00

Package of 5 Sessions:      $325.00

Hawaii Tax will be included 4% at check out

Paypal, Credit Card or Personal Check excepted