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Stress, Anxiety and Chronic Pain Coach


I help people with stress and anxiety and the related chronic pain associated with it  find not only relief, but tools to help them move forward creating a calmer healthier life. 


A Coach can assume many roles.  She/He can help a client address a wide range of areas, including career, health, goals, family and lifestyle issues and any other areas that need to be addressed.  My specialty is working with stress, anxiety and the chronic pain associated with it.  After many years of working as a Massage Therapist I have seen how thoughts and feelings effect your whole body, your Whole Being.  As a coach, I work with my clients, listening to what they are thinking, what is bothering them, what they are questioning etc.  Then I help them find their way to their own best solutions, their own resolve, goals that will work best for them. You know yourself better than anyone, so with my help you can uncover your true inner thoughts and feelings.  I am not a therapist, this is not about understanding and working through your past issues, this is all about moving forward and charting your own course.   As we talk we may discover areas in the body that might react, tighten up, get upset.  Then we can take some time to focus on those areas with relaxation, breathing, and self massage techniques.  Working together, with you in the lead, working on not only your thoughts, but also your body if need be, will help you move into your future more balanced with more direction of where you want to go and how to get there.  

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Sessions are on Zoom, Face Time or Phone

Payments on Paypal, Venmo or Credit Card


2023 Prices

First Introductory Session: No Charge

Single Life Coach Session: $85.00

Package of 4 sessions: $325.00

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