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Dena Weston Jackson


Aloha, my name is Dena,  I am a Stress and Anxiety Coach and I am the owner of Oneloa Massage Therapy.  I have been doing massage therapy for over 35 years now, running my own successful business at the beautiful Kapalua area of West Maui for over 10 years.  This, along with my life experiences and education have lead me to the Coaching world, where I love to help people with stress and/or anxiety and possibly the chronic pain that is associated with it.  I have seen so many times one’s neck pain, or shoulder tension be relieved by a good coaching session and some self help techniques in relaxation and self massage.

A brief bit of my history: I have lived on Maui since 1975, always on the West Side of the island.  I love it here.  I left for a brief time in 1985 to go to Massage School at The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing then located in Santa Monica California.  To get some practical experience before I came home to Maui, I worked for the renowned Chiropractor Dr Joel Bienenfeld.  He took me under his wing and made it a valuable learning time for me.  I came back to Maui in 1987 and worked for Lahaina Acupuncture and Massage for 10 years also working in resorts such as The Weston Maui, The Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, and the Ritz Carlton Kapalua as a Massage Therapist. Since then, I created a successful private practice.  In 2014 I relocated my studio to The Bay Villas Management Office Building (500 Bay Drive) in beautiful Kapalua area.  I named my business Oneloa Massage Therapy after the beautiful beach the Bay Villas is located on.  

I started my journey as a Life Coach in 2014.  I have attended several different schools and studied some impressive Coaches.  I keep my education and tools up to date, most recently finishing a course from Coach Training Alliance in 2023.  

My goal through my work is to help people let go of stress, find balance, relieve pain and muscle tension, calm your nervous system, improve circulation, calm your brain and increase energy and vitality. The  result is an improved mood and enhanced health and well being. I have seen that having an over crowded mind, stressing over an issue or grappling over a decision can create tight and painful muscles just as bad as any injury can.  Sometimes you just need to talk and sort things out or make a plan.  A series of sessions with a Coach can be life changing.

I believe in always giving my best service and treating each person individually.  Each massage is tailored to the individual client, no two massages are alike.   The same with the Coaching.  Each client is unique and special…. confidential and supportive treatment is my standard. 

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